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Dead Sea Scrolls
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This site is designed to provide an educational experience for students, teachers and the general public. It includes images of Dead Sea Scrolls, biblical manuscripts and ancient texts relating to the Bible, together with descriptions and informative discussions of the images. We encourage instructors to make these images available, on a non-commercial basis, to their students as a resource in the study of history, culture, religion, biblical studies, and related subjects.

Ancient Texts Relating to the Biblical World Non-biblical inscriptions and documents from ancient times that improve our understanding of the world of the Bible.

Biblical Manuscripts Images and commentary on ancient and medieval copies of the Bible.

Dead Sea Scrolls Images and commentary on selected Dead Sea Scrolls manuscripts.

USC Archaeological Research Collection Images of artifacts from the teaching collection of the University of Southern California.

Other Collections Images of artifacts and inscriptions from various institutions and private collections.

Do It Yourself Epigraphy Interactive puzzles that help you understand how scholars decipher ancient texts.

Archaeological and Historic Sites Images from ancient Near Eastern archaeological and historic sites.

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