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In the last two hundred years a large number of discoveries have been made that shed light on the world of the Bible. Below are a few of the images that have helped us understand more about the culture, language and scripts of the ancient Near East. For additional images, see the articles under Dead Sea Scrolls.

El-Kerak An inscription from Moab.

The MRZH Text An ancient contract from the city of Ugarit.

Cuneiform Tablet An ancient cuneiform tablet from Mesopotamia.

The Amman Citadel Inscription An ancient inscription from one of Israel's neighbors.

The Heshbon Ostraca Economic records from an ancient Moabite/Israelite city.

The Incirli Stela A Phoenician Inscription from the 9th century B.C.

Cylinder Seals An ancient form of impression seals.

Sam'alian Texts Phoenician and Aramaic texts from Zincirli.

El-Amarna Tablets Ancient tablets written in cuneiform script.