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1. Egyptian Scarab Seals, Back and Face

The scarabs shown here are part of a collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which were studied and documented by USC’s West Semitic Research Project.  A catalogue of the collection was published by Johnna Tyrrell of UCLA and Cara Cooney of LACMA. The scarabs further served as the basis for a number of undergraduate research projects at USC, under the supervision of Johnna Tyrrell and Lynn Swartz Dodd, Curator of the USC Archaeological Research Collection.

Top left: LM 86.313.27, Steatite Protection Scaraboid with Hippopotamus Back, “Amun-Ra, Lord,” c. 664-332 B.C.E.
Top middle: LM 50.4.7 (17-18/18), Faience Scarab, King worshipping solar boat.
Top right: LM 86.313.42, Steatite Protection Scarab, “Amun is Protection,” c. 1550-1069 B.C.E.
Bottom left: LM 50.4.5 (5-8/8), Faience Royal Name Scarab, “Thutmosis IV,” c. 1550-1069 B.C.E.
Bottom middle: LM 50.4.7 (3-18/18), Faience Protection Scarab, Symbols of Rejuvenation, Kingship and Afterlife, c. 1648-1540 B.C.E.
Bottom right: LM 50.4.5 (3-8/8), Faience Royal Named Scarab, “Thutmosis III, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands,” c. 1550-1069 B.C.E.

Photographs by Johnna Tyrrell, West Semitic Research. Courtesy Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


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