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The Archaeology Research Center of the University of Southern California houses over 5,000 ancient artifacts in the Ahmanson Center Building. It is directed by Bruce Zuckerman, and curated by Lynn Swartz Dodd.

USC's Archaeology Research Center, also known as the "ARC Lab," was established as an active teaching collection of antiquities from the ancient Near East and Mediterranean.

Students from the University of Southern California, Hebrew Union College and Loyola Marymount University are able to gain hands-on experience with artifacts such as pottery, seals, figurines and cuneiform tablets. Students can also participate in archaeological excavations at Megiddo in Israel.  Visit the Archaeology Research Center's website.

Etruscan Lion Plaque Pendant A gold pendant from 650-600 B.C.

Statue of Isis A gold statue of the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Deity on a Bull A small sacred figurine from the area of Syria-Palestine.

Egyptian Ushabti An ancient Egyptian representation of a mummy.

Sasanian Seals Seals with animal designs from ancient Iran.

Seals Assorted seals from the USC Archaeological Research Collection.

Coins Caesar Vespasian and Alexander III Coins from the USC Archaeological Research Collection.

Bullae Roman Period Bullae (Seal Impressions) from the USC Archaeological Research Collection.

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Archaeological Excavations at Megiddo