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Biblical Text
447v Ezra 1:1-2:8
448r Ezra 2:9-2:44a
448v Ezra 2:44b-2:69a
449r Ezra 2:69b-4:2a
449v Ezra 4:2b-4:18a
450r Ezra 4:18b-5:12a
450v Ezra 5:12b-6:10a
451r Ezra 6:10b-7:7a
451v Ezra 7:7b-7:26a
452r Ezra 7:26b-8:20a
452v Ezra 8:20b-9:2
453r Ezra 9:3-10:3a
453v Ezra 10:3b-10:23
454r Ezra 10:24- Nehemiah 1:9a (only one line break in text)
454v Nehemiah 1:9b-2:16a
455r Nehemiah 2:16b-3:14a
455v Nehemiah 3:14b-3:34a
456r Nehemiah 3:34b-4:16a
456v Nehemiah 4:16b-5:16
457r Nehemiah 5:17-6:16a
457v Nehemiah 6:16b-7:25
458r Nehemiah 7:26-7:65a
458v Nehemiah 7:65b-8:9a
459r Nehemiah 8:9b-9:8a
459v Nehemiah 9:8b-9:25a
460r Nehemiah 9:25b-10:18a
460v Nehemiah 10:18b-11:1a
461r Nehemiah 11:1b-11:24a
461v Nehemiah 11:24b-12:26a
462r Nehemiah 12:26b-12:47a
462v Nehemiah 12:47b-13:19a
463r Nehemiah 13:19b-13:31
Masoretic lists: Number of verses and the sections in the writings