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Color Selection

There are three ways of selecting a color with which to stroke or fill a path or selection: Color Picker, the Color Window, or Swatches. All three involve using the Color Tool and the Eyedropper Tool.




 Color Tool, foreground color

 Color Tool, background color

 Eyedropper Tool

The foreground color (box on left) is the default color, e.g., for automatic filling and stroking. The background color (box on right) is the default color, e.g., for the background if the canvas size is changed. Normally the foreground color is black, the background white, but either can be changed. In order to fill or stroke a letter, the foreground color or background color must be determined. The Eyedropper Tool is used to choose the color for both.

1. Using Color Picker

Click on the Foreground Color box--the Color Picker will appear:

 Color Picker

WIth the Eyedropper Tool selected, click on the desired color. The arrows on the narrow color column can be raised or lowered to select various hues. Color values can also be typed in the boxes on the right.



 Color Picker with new color selected.

 New Fore-
ground Color

When a color has been selected, the color box on the right will show the new color on top, the old color on the bottom. Click "OK" and the Foreground Color will be set.

The same procedure can be done for the Background Color.




  Color Picker for Background Color

 Color Picker with new color selected.

 New Back-
ground Color

2. Using the Color Window

A second way of choosing a color is using the Color Window, found in the Window menu. Use the Eyedropper Tool to select a color at the bottom of the window, or use the arrows to select the desired combination of red, green and blue.

Color Window

2. Using Swatches

A third way of choosing a color is using the Swatches Window, found in the Window menu. When choosing a Foreground Color, simply activated the Eyedropper Tool and click on a particular swatch. When choosing a Background Color, click on the background box in the Color Tool. The Color Picker will appear. At that point, choose a color in the Swatches window, and click "OK" in the Color Picker.

Color Window


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