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Copying a Drawing or Layer

Copying Part of a Drawing

1. Make sure the layer on which you have drawn the text is selected.

2. Select the drawing you want to copy using the Marquee Tool, or the Lasso Tool.

 Select drawing with Marquee Tool or Lasso Tool

3. Select "Edit" from the menu at the top, then "Copy" (or Command + C for Mac, Control + C for PC). Go to the image where you want the copy to be placed. Select "Edit," "Paste" to place the copied drawing (or Command + V in Mac, Control + V in PC).

4. This procedure will also work within the same image. Just make sure to always copy a drawing onto a layer that is different than the photograph of the inscription.

Copying an Entire Layer using the Layer Menu

1. On the Layer Palette, click on the arrow to reveal the Layer Menu. Choose "Duplicate Layer."

Layer Menu 

2. When prompted in the "Duplicate Layer," name the copied layer, and choose the file to which you wish to send the copy. You can choose the same file as the one you are in, or another file.

 Duplicate Layer Box

3. The copied layer will not be aligned in the new location. In order to align it, select the copied layer, then use the move tool to move the copied drawing to the proper area. Zoom in to the drawing to enable a precise alignment.

Copied text, out of alignment 

 Copied text, rough alignment


 Zooming in to align precisely

Copying an Entire Layer by Dragging the Layer

1. It is simple to copy a layer to another file by simply dragging the layer with your cursor onto the new file. Place both images side by side on the desktop. Then, select the layer you wish to copy.


2. While holding down the cursor on the selected layer (on the Layer Palette), drag it onto the surface of the image on which you want it to appear. The new layer will show up in the Layer Palette. Use the move tool to place the layer where you want it.


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