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Drawing with Subpaths

A variation to the creation of paths on an incised inscriptions involves making more than one subpath to fully capture a letter. This might happen when a letter has a crosstroke. This is shown below in the drawing of a Phoenician qop.

Step 1: Draw the head of the letter, using as few anchor points as possible. Join the two ends of the path together by clicking on the first anchor point to close the circle.

 Head of qop drawn

Step 2: Start a new subpath for the crosstroke. This will happen automatically if the ends of the first subpath are joined.

  Crosstroke of qop drawn

Step 3. Smooth out both subpaths using the Convert Anchor Point tool (see above). Then select both subpaths using the Direct Selection Tool (#7). You do this by clicking on one subpath, holding down the shift key and then clicking on the second subpath.

  Both subpaths smoothed out and selected

Step 4. Finally, stroke both subpaths, as shown in the section on Stroking. You can then turn off the paths in the Paths menu.

 Both subpaths stroked

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