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Pen Tool

This tool is used for drawing paths. It has a number of options for adding and deleting points, creating curved paths, and other, more complex operations.

 1. Pen Tool

 2. Magnetic Pen Tool

 3. Freehand Pen Tool

 4. Add Anchor Point Tool

 5. Delete Anchor Point Tool

 6. Direct Selection Tool

 7. Convert Point Tool

1. The basic pen tool is used for laying down anchor points which will be joined by straight lines.

2. The magnetic pen tool is a variation on the freehand pen tool.

3. The freehand pen tool allows you to draw freehand, as with a brush or pen, and create a path as you go.

4. The add anchor point tool can add points to a path that is already created.

5. The delete anchor point tool can delete points from a path.

6. With the direct selection tool you can move a point or turn a path on.

7. With the convert point tool you can add "handlebars" to a point and create a curved path.

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