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Non-Semitic Inscriptions

Drachma of Menander
Obverse with head
Reverse with figure
Harvard Sem Museum
Greek Coin
Recto with seated figure
Moussaieff (1995 London Project)
Philistia-Arabian Coin, Persian
068 First Side
069 Janus Faces
Coin w/Augustus
066 Side w/Head and Inscription
067 Side w/Augustus
Athenian Coin
Side with figure of bird
Coin: Licinius II (A.D. 317–324; with head of Caesar and Jupiter enthroned)
001 Obverse: Head, tilt shot to side
011 Obverse: Head, tilt shot upright
002 Reverse: Jupiter, tilt shot to side
012 Reverse: Jupiter, tilt shot upright
Coin: Pulcheria (A.D. 453; d. of Arcadius & Eudoxia; siliqua)
003 Obverse: Head, tilt shot to side
013 Obverse: Head, tilt shot upright
004 Reverse: Cross, tilt shot to side
014 Reverse: Cross, tilt shot upright
Coin: Mysia, Cyzicus (c. 334 B.C.; El. stater; Eleutheria on stele inscribed and holding wreath)
005 Obverse: Eleutheria, tilt shot to side
015 Obverse: Eleutheria, tilt shot upright
006 Reverse: Design, tilt shot to side
016 Reverse: Design, tilt shot upright
Coin: Indo-Greek; 110–100 B.C.; Heliokles II; R. tetradrachm
007 Obverse: Heliokles
008 Reverse: Statue
Coin: Thrace, Aenus (c. 485–357 B.C.; R. tetradrachm; Head of Hermes and Goat)
009 Obverse: Head of Hermes
010 Reverse: Goat

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