Scholarly Site

At the present time not all images are available in digital form. As agreements with collaborating institutions are finalized, availability of images will be posted on this site.

When they are available, scholars can obtain images by copying the listing from the browser and sending the list via email. Access to some images is available via InscriptiFact, a high-resolution image database. InscriptiFact provides access to many Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) images in either .rti or .ptm format. Access to a free standalone viewer for viewing these images can also be found at the InscriptiFact web site.

Images are distributed in high-resolution form, typically 1000–1200 dpi. Images are generally available in both black and white and color. In some cases infrared images are available as well. Black and white images will generally range in size from 10 megabytes to 25 megabytes, color images from 30 to 80 megabytes.

Please specify file type (TIFF, Photoshop, GIF, JPEG, etc.) and computer format (PC or Mac). Images will be sent via Dropbox unless otherwise requested. At the present time price and other information can be obtained by writing to us at