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Uninscribed Objects

Borowski Collection, Jerusalem
Intaglio, figure bending over (Jerusalem 7/94)
814 Full view
"Neptune" Intaglio (Jerusalem 7/94)
815 Full view
Gold Fibula (Jerusalem 7/94)
828 Full view
829 Closeup
Gold Ring #1 (Jerusalem 7/94)
830 View of design
Gold Ring #2 (Jerusalem 7/94)
831 View of design
Glass Intaglio: Woman's Head, glass coated with irridescence (Israel 1998 Project)
171 Reference shot
172 Reference shot with increased tilt
236 Reference shot using light brush
237 Reference shot with flash
Glass Intaglio: Head of Woman (Israel 1998 Project)
173 Reference shot
174 Reference shot rotated 90 degrees for face
175 Reference shot diagonal shot from mouth to back of head
Glass Intaglio: Bearded Man (medium sized) (Israel 1998 Project)
176 Reference shot straight on to light
177 Reference shot light diagonal over forehead
178 Reference shot light aimed at face
Glass Intaglio: Bearded Man (deep impression) (Israel 1998 Project)
179 Reference shot light across back of head
180 Reference shot light diagonal across forehead
Glass Intaglio: Perseus? (Israel 1998 Project)
181 Reference shot light across face
182 Reference shot light angled across forehead
183 Reference shot light across back of head, reverse object
Glass Relief: Figure with Helmet (Israel 1998 Project)
184 Reference shot
185 Reference shot with another light angle
Glass Intaglio, Swan swimming in water, coated w/irridescence (Israel 1998 Project)
238 Reference shot
239 Reference shot slightly diagonal
240 Reference shot, angled light from head to bottom
241 Reference shot light across head
Scarab seal w/head and tail (Israel 1998 Project)
242 Seal side w/quadrapeds
243 Seal side, lower light angle
244 Scarab side
Small green glass intaglio with head (Israel 1998 Project)
245 Reference shot
Small green glass intaglio with head (Israel 1998 Project)
246 Reference shot
248 Reference shot, low angle light
Falcon intaglio w/irridescence (Israel 1998 Project)
247 Reference shot
Conical glass seal w/butterfly or fly (Israel 1998 Project)
249 Reference shot