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Untitled Coin
One side with figure
Jordanian pottery
Group 1, 7 pieces, some with handles
Group 2, 17 pieces, decorated
Group 3, 4 small pieces
Group 4, 1 large piece, with wavy lines
Group 5, 2 pieces, 1 a narrow neck
Group 6, 2 pieces, assembled
Group 7, top of jug with handle
Group 8, 2 pieces large dish
Group 9, 1 large piece with base
Group 10, 4 necks to jugs
Group 11, 6 pieces, bases
Group 12, 8 pieces
Group 13 Pot with wavy lines, 2 views
Group 14, 14+ pieces
Group 15, 5 pieces, 1 with handle
Group 16, many pieces jumbled together
Syrian stone menorah
Full view
Steven LeBlanc-USC:
Indian Pottery Shards with Design
Full view
Indian Bowl with 6-Pointed Stars, Solid Middle
View of inside of bowl
Indian Bowl with 6-Pointed Stars, Spiral Middle
View of inside of bowl
Indian Bowl with Animals
Entire Bowl, Inside
Bird on Rim
Man and Deer on Rim
Detail of Deer
Detail of Man
Bird in Center of Bowl
Lizard (Turtle?) in Center of Bowl
Coin: Attica, Athens (#81372)
017 Obverse
018 Reverse